Write a short story (one or two paragraphs) and make sure you include the following prompt:

…the door opened and there it was…

     What is ‘IT’?

  • Where was the door?

  • What are you doing there?

  • What happened next?

Do make sure you use the prompt as it is written please and try to get as near to 100 words as possible.

Post your text here until the 19th February. Then I will choose the best texts and we will share them with other students from different schools AROUND THE WORLD.  

On the site 100 WORD CHALLENGE every week there is a PROMPT (an image or part of a sentence) and students have to build a story about that image or around that sentence. 

Have a look at the creative writing other students produced in previous weeks.



13 thoughts on “WRITING

  1. My holidays home is 100 years old. One night after a party, I went to my house at 3:00 a.m., I ate and then I went to sleep. Suddenly I heard a knock on the bedroom door of my grandmother… BANG BANG BANG! I was a little scared but as I’m very curious I decided to take photos and then I saw figures in the photographs!
    I saw a hand inside the door. There was no one there! I started to get very scared, I began to shake but, as I’m very brave, I decided to talk to this spirit… So I opened the door but I didn’t see anything… Then I heard a voice saying “get out of here or you die”, I passed out…

  2. After the ball hit the window and broke it, someone started to scream and I tried to find some place in a house where I could hide.
    But nearly every room of the house was locked except one that had a closet. The door opened and there it was… an elf. I started to follow him because it was kind of weird to find an elf in a closet. The elf took me to a brand new world where there were creatures that no one had ever seen before and where trees came to life when I touched them.
    So I showed everyone this new world.
    But people couldn’t understand this world which was so different, so it started to fade and eventually it disappeared.

  3. I was at my grandfather’s house; he had died many years ago. The neighbours said that it was haunted but it wasn’t possible, that only happens in movies, right??
    The house had a door that was always opening and closing. I started to shake, I was terrified! Then the door opened and there it was… a hole. I went into the hole and to my surprise I saw a slide!! I almost had a heart attack when I realized I was at “Slide and Splash”!! How could this happen? Was it magic?

  4. Today I woke up missing something and somehow that was everything! And this feeling urged me to go find it. It made me get up and start to move, because the world couldn’t see me until I could find what was missing in my life. The truth is that no one really cares what I am going through. So I need to show them the real me, and not let them see what I am not!
    After getting ready in my room to go find it, the door opened and there it was, my happiness had come back, back to me and now I was grabbing it so hard I couldn’t let it go again! And if you are wondering what my happiness is, well, for you it may be dumb but for me happiness is one of the most important feelings in the world. My life may not be full of happiness but I always remember the happy moments!
    And after that, after finding happiness again I never let it go, I started enjoying the little things with the people I most care about!

  5. I was just hanging out with my best friend when we heard a noise downstairs. I was really scared but curiosity took the best of me and I had to check it out! The noise was getting louder and louder and suddenly I came across a door. Normally, doors are pretty normal, but this door wasn’t here before, and that wasn’t normal, for sure! I took a step closer and suddenly the door opened and there it was! A computer reproducing a ghost sound! When I looked back my best friend was laughing! She pulled a prank on me!

  6. We had moved house and city, changed our life. I was getting familiar with the new place where I was going to live. I was walking around the new house, trying to explore every corner. That’s when I saw a door different from all the others. I decided to peek at what was beyond that door.
    The door opened and there he was … my brother … the person I most wanted to see. In two minutes I relived the most important moments of my life with him .
    From that day onwards I never let him move away from me again, because during the time he was far away I was never really myself.

  7. I was in my bedroom with my brother Jason and he was so pale.”There are monsters under the bed”-he said and I thought”This is just a nightmare”.The bedroom door closed as if by magic and Jason jumped. I opened the door.”Do You see?No monsters!”-I said and I went back to my brother’s bed.
    The door closed with violence.I ran into the door and tried to open it but it was locked.Slowly the door opened and there it was… a world full of supernatural creatures.I stepped out and saw flying books and cars, giant trees and monsters dressed like people.
    “Are we in the future?”-asked my brother.

  8. “PLEASE, NO!” and these were my last words.
    I was playing a game with my mom and it was her turn to catch me blindfolded with just my claps. She screamed “CLAP!” and that’s what I did, but suddenly she went in my sister’s room and opened the closet door. When I ran to tell her that she had lost the game, she disappeared! It was all so strange. I thought that she was there, but she wasn’t, so I tried to open the closet door, but it was locked. Suddenly the door opened and there it was: my mom had died! I don’t know what happened but I simply screamed.

  9. It was a winter night with heavy rain two friends were watching a horror movie 50 screams of death, since it lacked a friend they were seeing the film.
    suddenly dropped a lightning very close to the house and the lights went out and they were lights up then hit the door Anna was open the door and was a box and Marie asked what it was Anna opened the box and there was a phone.
    the phone rang and Anna answered and asked what it was and no one answered and then heard – a voice go to save to dresses Anna frightened was more his friend to the room opened the door and was a dead person inside and Marie asked what it was there to-do began to scream and went to the loft went to the back of a couch that was there.
    past a bit more the door opened and was one mascra the ground.
    They ran straight to the basement where was there a small passage where they could shelter, but was not, and Anna asked where was the door to Marie frightened runs away and is dead will stab and then the nose cup killed Anna but before killing said our fears is ours.

  10. It was all so strange, I was in a place so dark and in the distance I saw a red door, I was scared, but with some curiosity. I walked quietly until I got near the door but not much. I didn’t hear anything and just could see the door, everything around me was black. I was so scared to open that red door. I didn’t have the courage to open the door, so I decided to have a look around to see where I was. I was about to leave but then … I looked back and the door opened and there it was … Nothing! I can’t remember because when I looked back I woke up and all of this was a dream!

  11. I was at Miguel’s house, my father´s friend. I decided to go for a walk in the home garden!
    There was a strange door. As I am very curious, I decided to enter. The door opened and there it was… my past…
    The time had gone back! I was in the kindergarten room where I had spent my childhood. I could see my childhood friends and my teachers. That moment gave me the strength to live each day as if it were the last! I only know what happened that day! It is the secret of my life!

  12. It seemed like I was in a horror movie! I just went to my room and the door was locked. I didn’t know why and I heard strange noises behind the door like people talking. I just couldn’t understand anything. I was really scared, you know, I was completely alone. Then that noise got closer and I stepped away but then the door opened and there it was… Nothing! Nobody! Suddenly my window was open and the noise faded. Then I closed the window and pretended that nothing had happened. It felt like it was the best thing to do.

  13. I heard a noise! I was afraid it was the thief and ran, ran, ran until I came to a house, a very scary house. When I opened the door, I stumbled upon the thief, he pushed me into it and would not let me out ..
    A few hours went by, he was getting sleepy. Then I noticed he had left his mobile phone on the table and thought when he went to sleep I would try to call the police and I did.
    The police came very quickly and arrested the rogue.
    I never saw him again and I hope never to see ..

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