Everything that Matters to us…

  • You can work individually or in groups of two. TAKE A PHOTO of something important to you. It can be an object, a favourite place, a special landscape, an activity that you do and love … NO PHOTOS WITH PEOPLE, PLEASE!!!!

  • Upload that photo into the tool THINGLINK. Fill that photo with tags on what is important to you, what interests you the most.

  • Here are some guidelines that you can follow:

favourite topics  ( cars, sports, history …)
 favourite places (in your home, community, in Portugal, in the world)
 favourite TV shows, websites games …
 favourite celebrities
 favourite music styles, instruments, composers,  bands, songs; dance styles, dancers…
favourite weekend/holidays activities
favourite technological inventions/gadgets
2 childhood memories or 2 memories from summer holidays
2 interesting facts about Portugal or what you like most about Portugal
2 interesting facts that you’ve learned this year
FEEL FREE to write about any other aspects …
  • You have to write text and record your voice reading that text. You have to include photos that you take or images. If you need copyright-free images have a look at the site PIXABAY.

  • You have to include at least other PHOTOS,IMAGES, 1 interesting VIDEO,  1 LINK to an interesting website, article … You can include a link to a song. If you visit SOUNDCLOUD, you’ll find songs that you can download or use Embed Code or URL to share with others.

  • You can add background music. Click on SETTINGS and then Upload AUDIO. You need an audio file in your computer.



Now have a look at the Thinglinks and enjoy everything your classmates are sharing with you. Read and listen to the texts. Watch videos, photos, open links.

Choose 2 and analyse them. Think about their positive aspects and make some suggestions for improvement (sugestões de melhoria). Open the Google Doc below , follow the instructions and fill in the table.


Did you enjoy doing this activity? Did you like using the tool Thinglink? Explain why or why not in the COMMENT AREA below. Do you like doing group work? In your opinion what are the pros and cons (prós e contras) of group work? Leave your comments in the COMMENT AREA  below.

14 thoughts on “Everything that Matters to us…

  1. I enjoyed this activity and using the Thinglink tool because it makes interesting work where we can put images, audio and video links.
    I like to work in groups, but in groups with few colleagues because it is easier for us to organize and to prepare the work.

    1. I really enjoyed doing the thinglink activity it was a new experience. The tool was easy to use and also fun.
      Group work is fun and you can learn a lot by working with other people, this is one of the pros. On the other hand sometimes, if you don’t work with a person with the same schedule, it can be very hard to find time to work together.

  2. I enjoyed working on Thinglink because it is a fun tool that we can use as a group to talk about various things. I think it is important to work in groups so that we can get to know the people we are with in our daily lives better.

  3. I enjoyed using the Thinglink tool because I can add several taggs to address various topics.
    Allow us to use new computer tools to have fun.

  4. I really like working with thinglink because I found it super easy to work with and I think all thinglinks were very appealing and funny

  5. I really liked it, it was very interesting to work with this application in group work with my classmate.

  6. I really enjoyed this activity. I like using the tool thinglink because it’s easy to use and as we don’t have classes it’s a way to continue to learn and practice English.
    I like group works because we debate our points of view. The cons is when someone don’t work

  7. Yes, I enjoyed doing this activity.
    I enjoyed working in groups because it allows us to know more about each other and I also liked using the thinglink tool because it allows us to do several things.

  8. Yes I really liked doing this activity and I really enjoy Thinglink because it’s a good tool to work and it’s very funny to do.
    I think doing group work is very good because we can help each other and we all work together which is very funny.Group work is very good because we can help each other but it can also be bad because there may be someone in the group who doesn’t work.

  9. I enjoyed doing this activity it was different. I liked using the thinglink tool because it is very appropriate for the activities that we have done. I like to work in groups so we can work with friends and doing the activities with them makes them more interesting.

  10. Yes, I really enjoyed doing this activity. Yes, it is one of the best tools to do resources that include audio, text and photos. It was funny because it was about us.

  11. Yes, I liked because I found it a fun activity.
    I liked using the thinglink tool because it was never used and I didn’t even know it existed but it is a tool very appropriate for group work and it is also always good to work with someone.

  12. I enjoyed doing this activity it was interesting.I liked using the thinglink tool because the tool is different and makes me want to explore it.
    I like to work in groups so we can work with our classmates that are not always there and we develop better friendships.

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