Welcome Quadblog Buddies

We’re so happy to have you as our quadblog buddies! We’re new to this but we intend to make the most of this great experience. It’s awesome to be able to interact with other teens all over the world. 

We are a class of 23 year 8 students and we attend the Middle School EB 2,3 Soeiro Pereira Gomes. We have been learning English for 4/5 years. So we are the only non-native speakers in this group of four schools but we are sure we will rise up to the challenge. 

Here is the link to the first task we have to perform about our quadblog buddies in New Zealand. 




We’ll learn about their school and we’ll take the opportunity to learn a lot more about New Zealand as well.


Here’s our first challenge for you! 

Have a look at these photos, these clues and try to figure out a bit more about our school: name, location, points of interest around it … You can comment on interesting aspects, differences/similarities between our schools and surrounding areas.


We’ve also made a survey. Now let’s see what you were able to guess/find out.



Quadblogging is all about collaborating and sharing information. I asked my students to join up in pairs and make a list of questions they would like to ask their quadblog buddies. They will post their questions below.

Please take the time to choose and answer some of our questions! You can do it with the whole class or ask your students to do it on their own. Thank you! We would also be delighted to answer your own questions.

1 thought on “Welcome Quadblog Buddies

  1. If you could change anything in your school, what would you change?
    Which one of your country traditions matters the most to you?
    Maria João, Portugal

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