Using Images, Music, Videos and Sound Effects

Let’s learn how to use IMAGES, SOUND, MUSIC and VIDEOS on blogs.

Have a look at the information here on HOW TO BE A RESPONSIBLE DIGITAL CITIZEN.

Here are the tasks for this week.

A.Add a post to your blog with the title Holidays: Time of Freedom. Write about:

  1. the most memorable moment/event of your summer holidays (give reasons)
  2. the worst day (explain why)
  3. the people you met last summer
  4. the people you spent most time with
  5. what you did together
  6. what you would like to do in summer in the future (be imaginative)

Be CREATIVE and write an INTERESTING text!


B. Add a gallery of photos to your text. Use your own photos or upload photos from PHOTOS FOR CLASS.


  1. Click on ADD MEDIA.
  2. UPLOAD files (your photos or photos from PHOTOS FOR CLASS).
  3. Click on MEDIA LIBRARY (you should see the photos you’ve uploaded).
  4. Click on CREATE GALLERY.
  5. Click on the photos you want to select them.
  7. Choose SIZE (MEDIUM or LARGE).
  8. Choose STYLE.
  9. Click on INSERT INTO POST.



C. 1.Now look at this photo from COMPFIGHT and listen to this sound effect. 

 Ajar. Pete via Compfight

Free sound effect from FREE SOUND EFFECTS.COM


The door opened and there it was…


2. Continue and write a short story (80/100 words)

  • What is ‘IT’?

  • Where was the door?

  • What are you doing there?

  • What happened next?


1 thought on “Using Images, Music, Videos and Sound Effects

  1. When my mother opened the door, I was hungry because it was my birthday and my young sister had ruined it.
    I opened my present but my sister broke it. The new collection of super heroes was history! I had serious problems with my sister and my mother.
    To make it up to me my grandparents took me to the park and to a farm. They walked with me and were super cool. They got a new dog,a dalmata, and together we visited a tunnel in the forest. It was beautiful. It was a big adventure! I was very happy!

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