Blog Guidelines

When posting a comment on our blogs follow these general guidelines:


 a. You cannot include any personal information such as your last name, your phone number, address, usernames or passwords.

b. Use complete sentences with appropriate grammar. Text talk is not allowed. Check your spelling, punctuation and general structure of your text before you send it.  THINK before you post.

c. Well-thought and creative comments are valued. A good sense of humour is also appreciated.

d. WRITE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Your work and effort will be highly appreciated.

e. All comments are moderated and corrected by your teacher. Only after being approved will they be published on the blog.


Comments are an important part of your class blog. Comments allow students, and other readers, to engage in discussions, share their thoughts and connect with your class blogs.

Comments allow your blog to become an interactive community. It opens up to the whole world and you can learn a lot from that constant interaction with other people. Remember that you’ll be communicating with people all over the world!

Important parts of the blogging process include :

1. Reading other students’ posts.
2. Commenting on other students’ posts.
3. Writing posts in response to other students’ posts



Watch this video carefully.

Nicholas Weiss gives us tips on how to write quality comments:

These guidelines were based on tips and resources found on EDUBLOGS Teach Quality Commenting Skills.

2.BLOGGING CHALLENGE: Use ADOBE SPARK or EASEL.LY and make a video slideshow or a poster with the main tips to write quality comments. Post it on your blog.

Have a look at these tutorials.





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