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I’m Maria João Carvalho. I’ve been teaching English for twenty years and I love it!

Our school is located in Alhandra, near Vila Franca de Xira in Portugal. Our classes are full of smart, creative students aged 12 to 16 from 7th to 9th grade. 


Here you can find many resources to improve your English. You can express your feelings, your thoughts, your ideas. You can read and listen to stories and even make up your own. You can reach the world and the world can reach you.

Here is a bit more about me!



Here’s our first challenge for you!

Have a look at these photos, these clues and try to figure out a bit more about our school: name, location, points of interest around it… You can comment on interesting aspects, differences/similarities between our schools and surrounding areas.


We’ve also made a survey. Now let’s see what you were able to guess/find out.




9 thoughts on “ABOUT US:

  1. I`m Cheila
    I live in an apartment, in a quiet and busy neighborhood.
    I like to watch TV and play board games.
    My favorite room is the living room, because I play on the playstation and watch TV there.

  2. I am Chede .
    I live in a block of flats . My favourite room is living room because that is where I watch TV , study there and that is where I play on the phone .

  3. Dear Mrs. Maria,
    I am Thanumi from Thailand. I am extremely sorry for the late reply, but it is just because I was so busy with many things. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I really appreciate it. If you visit my blog again, you will be able to see your amazing class blog in my blog roll. As I went through your students’ blogs, I simply got amazed by their interesting posts! They are really interesting and creative, which proves that your students are really great at blogging. I am so excited to comment on them, because I love to make new friends! I hope that you will visit my blog again!


  4. Hi,
    I am from Ms. Smith’s class in Canada. I really liked your prezi, it told a lot about who you are. I also really liked the video it was cool to see your life style (it is very different than ours). I enjoyed looking at the survey it really made me think.
    Come visit my blog at http://danielz12.edublogs.org/

  5. Hi! I think your blog was very reformative! I would love to visit Portugal now!! Learning in Portugal is really different form learning in California. I thought it was really neat that you provided videos and pictures!

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