Houses around the World

1.Watch the video on Amazing Houses around the World:

2. Now learn some useful house-related words:

2. There are so many different house types and lifestyles around the world! Have a look at the following sites:

Human beings have a crazy imagination! Have a look at these weird houses!

3. CHOOSE an interesting house type and fill in the table with the results of your research. The purpose of this research is to explore the variety of different houses and lifestyles around the world. So try to choose a different house type from our own.

Share your research with me (Google Doc or Google Slides). ADD A PHOTO of that house type. You can use your mobile phone to do the research.

Houses around the World

4. Children’s bedrooms are the very definition of home to them. It is where they sleep, where they keep their belongings and where they formulate their hopes and dreams.

5. After the video above write about what impresses you the most.

Are there any differences between these children’s bedrooms? What are those differences? Write in the COMMENT AREA below.


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