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Is fashion important to you?

Fashion Sense

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Now answer the following questions in the COMMENT AREA. Are you fashion conscious? Is fashion important to you? Do you have a personal style? What are your favourite clothes, colours, accessories …? What do you think about designer clothes? Is it important to have a positive body image? Why?

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8 thoughts on “FASHION

  1. Yes, I am a fashion conscious. The most part of fashion I like, but there is another part there I don’t like at all, like the clothes of fashion magazines. I have my personal style, and I think that is importante, because if you follow the fashion of others, you just be like, another person, you are not diferente at all and I think that be diferente is good. Fashion is not importante to me, I think that what is important is wear comfortable clothes and don’t wear clothes for just be pretty… I don’t have favourite clothes, I can say that I have favourite acessories, but clothes… Not at all. For exemple, if I go out with my parents I just wear a pair of jeans, a boots, and a normal shirt. But let’s talk about acessories… I love acessories, but my favourite is NECKLACES. About my favourite colours, I think in the clothes are black… I don’t know, most people think that black is boring, but I think the opposite. I think black is poetic. I don’t have any opinion about designer clothes. If do clothes it’s what they like, for me is good. I think that for people that want to be famous, the body image is VERY important, because they can be most easily picked for another people. But for us, the people that is not famous I think that body image is not important, just be what you are.

  2. Fashion is very important if it means diversity, inspiration and creativity. I always try to be fashionable without spending too much money and without becoming obsessed. Able to combine the colours of the clothes we wear, is already part of fashion. I use fashion to express myself, because the clothes we wear define who we are and our moods.
    Fashion to me means feeling comfortable with the clothes that I wear every day. We don´t need to wear expensive clothes to be fashionable, they have to be comfortable and the people who wear them have to feel good about themselves , as is my case. Fashion has the power to transform our image.
    I do not have a personal style, I like to wear clothes that suit me well and as I am not very tall and I am thin, I choose to wear neutral colours and sports clothes to keep a low profile.
    My favourite clothes are jeans and sweatshirts and sometimes I like to wear sunglasses to impress. Apart from the glasses that I wear once in a while, I do not like most accessories. My favourite colours are blue, gray and black and most of my clothes are that colour.
    I think that designer clothes, are very cool, stylish and of the best quality, but are very expensive. Most people cannot buy those clothes or the best known brands of trainers such as nike or addidas, but these can be replaced by other cheaper brands, without losing the quality and the style of each one.
    It is important to have a positive image, because when we get to school or any other place, the first thing our friends or other people look for is our clothes. I like to dress well, but without overdoing it in the colours or the accessories.

  3. I am fashion conscious, but definitely fashion is not the focal point of my life. I think I have a personal style. I like to look cute, but my essential goal when I pick my outfits is to be confortable. Sometimes I like to dress up a little bit more but my favourite clothes to wear are jeans and sweaters, especially if they are blue. Blue is my favourite colour, but I also like to wear other colours. I personally think designer clothes are really expensive, and I don´t think that they are worth the price. It’s really important to have a positive body image because if you don’t you end up not feeling good with yourself, you will end up not feeling good in your own skin. Dressing the way you want, the way you like, the way that makes you confortable, builds up your confidence, because at the end of the day, the best way to feel good is to show people who you are. People don’t like copies, be original, be yourself.

  4. I am fashion conscious. There are things in fashion that I like but there are also other things that I think are awful and uninteresting.
    I wear what I like and makes me feel good. I don’t wear clothes because they’re fashionable. I have my own style.
    I like to wear casual, sporty and comfortable clothes. I sometimes wear bracelets, necklaces and on festive occasions I put make-up on but not much. People who know me know I often wear jeans. I don’t like to wear sunglasses because they give me headaches.
    My favourite clothes are jeans, shorts, sweaters, T-shirts, and coats. Boots, flip-flops and sandals are my favourite footwear. My favourite accessories are bracelets, earrings, necklaces, scarves and little flowers or butterflies to put on my hair. My favourite colours are orange and yellow, but in clothes I prefer black and white and in footwear I like brown.
    I think designer clothes draw awful clothes because when I’m watching TV sometimes on the news I can see fashion shows with famous designers and in my opinion the clothes I see are very extravagant and normally I don’t like them.
    I think it’s important to have a positive body image because some people sometimes think that they are very fat or very ugly and have a horrible body. They can even develop diseases such as anorexia which is the most common.

  5. In part yes… But I don’t dress according to any fashion. I have my personal style! Being fashionable is not very important to me because life is not made of appearances! We are what we are!
    I have a personal style. My style is to wear clothes that make me feel good!
    My favourite colour is green but I also like to wear different shades of blue, yellow, brown and grey. My favourite clothes are jeans, pullovers and shorts. I like to wear trainers and shoes for more formal occasions. My favourite accessory is the watch! I have many watches! I can’t leave home without my watch!
    I think some designer clothes are weird and ugly! I don’t understand how some people give fortunes for those clothes!
    Our appearance tells a bit about ourselves! Having a good body image increases self-esteem! Everyone likes to feel beautiful!

  6. I am fashion conscious but only to a certain extent.
    Fashion for me is important but not essential for my life.
    Normally I wear casual clothes. My favorite clothes are simply not extravagant.
    My favorite colors are blue, black and red. Normally I don’t wear any accessories.
    I think designer clothes are chic but a waste of money.
    I think it’s important to have a positive body image to keep in shape and to have a positive self-esteem.

  7. I think I am consious of fashion today.
    Fashion is important to me but it’s not a necessary thing in my life.
    I haven’t exactly got a personal style because I dress like my twin sister and I also like casual clothes that everybody else wears.
    My favourite clothes are simple, neither too extravagant nor too expensive. My favourite coulours to wear are orange, white, black, pink, blue, red and gray. I don’t wear too many accessories.
    In my opinion designer clothes are very expensive and a waste of money because they are practically the same as clothes that are not made by designers.
    For me it’s important to have a positive body image to make sure you have high self-esteem.

  8. I’ m conscious of fashion today.
    Fashion is important to me but I don’t give too much importance.
    I don’t have a personal style because I share the same style as my twin sister but we both together have a personal style.
    I like almost all kinds of clothes; also I don’t wear too many accessories.
    My favourite colors to wear are red , white, pink , blue and orange.
    In my opinion designer clothes are a waste of money because they are practically the same as clothes that aren’t made by designers and ,besides that, they are too expensive .
    For me it is important to have a positive body image to avoid low self-esteem.

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