eTwinning Project From Magellan to Armstrong: 500 Years of Adventure

Let’s explore the project From Magellan to Armstrong!

Do the following tasks:

  1. Google eTwinning and click on eTwinning – Entrada. On the right side above click on Faça LOGIN. Use your USERNAME and PASSWORD. Click on your name and access your TWINSPACE.
  2. Click on PAGES (Menu above).
  3. Click on OUR PUPILS. Read the information about your project partners and write 6 NICE COMMENTS (Padlet).
  4. Click on OUR SCHOOLS. Read the information and watch the videos. In your opinion what’s the most interesting school? What’s your favourite? Why? WRITE THE ANSWER HERE BELOW IN THE BLOG COMMENT AREA. Don’t forget to state your reasons!

7 thoughts on “eTwinning Project From Magellan to Armstrong: 500 Years of Adventure

  1. My favorite school is Panciu (Romania) because their presentation it’s very funny,creative , composed and I enjoyed watching.

  2. The best school padlet for me is High School Ioan Slavici
    (Panciu – Romania) because he is extremely creative and composed. Really enjoyed

  3. It is my favorite school is Panciu in Romania, because they present the school in the classroom and abroad with great joy and a lot of movement from the dance.
    I think the music is very well chosen and the dance very well interpreted which shows that at school we can learn and be happy.
    I also thought it was very good to know that teachers also enter music and participate in the curiography of the school presentation with students .
    The video presentation is very good and with a lot of rhythm makes us feel like watching again.

  4. My favorite school presentation is Panciu (Romania / Roumania) because it’s funny and creative. The clip shows us all the school spaces in a unique way. It makes me feel happy just by watching it.

  5. My favorite school is Rome in Ploiesti, because the school’s padlet has a lot of images, a lot of information about the students. The background image of the padlet is also very beautiful

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