The Trash Hack Campaign

Students from class 8B, Soeiro Pereira Gomes school, share their trash hacks! We hope you’ll enjoy them and learn from their photo reports and videos!


Here’s some info on the Trash Hack Campaign. 


Have a look at our project guidelines!


Our Photo Reports:


Actions for a better Planet


Our Trash Hacks


How small gestures can change the world


Changes that make a Difference


Take care with love, do it with conscience


Small gestures for big changes


Less Waste, a Better World


Our videos:


Here’s the video created by David, Chede and Tiago: Fun Trash Hacks.



Here’s the video made by Luis and Carolina: Deplastify our Planet.



And now the video created by Isa, Mafalda and Rita: What have you done for our Planet?


What have you done for the planet? de Isa Montes


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