Here are some tasks that you should do during this home confinement period.
TASK 1- Take part in the TRICIDER below. Read the instructions carefully and WRITE IN ENGLISH!
TASK 2- Contribute to the THINGLINK below. You’ll see an image of the ocean with fish swimming around. Listen to Greta Thunberg’s speech to the United Nations about our future, the future of our planet. Read Bill Gates’ s predictions for the future (fish with the STAR ✴) and read the instructions, what you have to do (fish with !):
 Let’s dive into our beautiful ocean and think about what the future holds for us… Answer the question: HOW DO YOU IMAGINE THE WORLD IN 50 YEARS’ TIME?
Choose a fish and insert your tag. Write and record your voice saying your predictions, add an image, a video, a song or a link to an interesting article.
TO ACCESS THIS THINGLINK use the following data to LOG IN:
Google account:
Password: alunos9c

Task 3- Read the text on page 134 (iTeen9). Do all the exercises on page 135. Study the vocabulary on pages, 26, 27 and 28 (iTeenFile).

Task 4Do some research and get information about teenage work via Moodle Platform (TOPIC 4 WORK – selection of sites to visit).

  1. Make a list of Pros and Cons of Part-time Jobs for Teenagers. Use a Google Doc to share that list with me.

TASK 5– Access a TED-ED lesson.  After watching the video, click on THINK and do an exercise with multiple choice and open questions. Click on DIG DEEPER and then on DISCUSS.  Click on View Discussion and then on RESPOND. Contribute to a class discussion that allows students to speak up their minds and voice their opinions: Is it good for teens to work part-time? Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?

TASK 6- Use the tool Flipgrid to share and voice your conclusions on the benefits and risks of part-time jobs and summer jobs and contribute to the class discussion. 

TASK 7– Let’s go on a webquest to find out why some young people decide to TAKE A GAP YEAR. Make a copy of this GOOGLE DOC. Do the activities and write the answers on the Google Doc that you’ve shared with me.








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