The Power of Social Media

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Do you remember citizen journalism? A bystander filmed George Floyd’s murder and posted the video on social media. As a result, anti-racist protests are happening all over the world. What do you think would have happened if no one had witnessed that murder?

What about what you’ve learnt on Hate Speech? Online hate speech is common: There’s been an increase in teens’ exposure to racist, sexist, and homophobic content on social media.
So let’s think about the advantages and disadvantages of social media. While reading texts and watching videos write down some notes in your notebook and add up to your list of advantages and disadvantages.

1. Read the text How do social media affect the news and vice versa.

2. Then watch this video on Teens’ Experiences.

4. Here’s another video How do Social Media Platforms affect your mood? Click on CC for English subtitles.

3. You can do more research on your own.

4. Make up your mind and complete your list of advantages and disadvantages of social media. Take a clear photo and share with me via Google Classroom.

5. Now contribute to a class debate on the statement  Social media have a strong negative impact on teenagers. LOG IN with your Google account. If possible watch the Basic Kialo Video Guide.

You will be asked to ADD 2 PRO arguments (a favor da afirmação Social media have a strong negative impact on teenagers) or 2 CON arguments (contra a afirmação ou seja referindo os aspetos positivos de social media). Make sure each argument is SHORT and CONCISE and limited to only 1 POINT/IDEA. 

Click on + for PROS and – for CONS. Add your argument and SAVE.

If your idea is already there, add more arguments to reinforce that point. Click on the BLUE BUTTON and add PRO or CON arguments.


2 thoughts on “The Power of Social Media

  1. + Two positive aspects of the social media on the teenagers, are for exemple:
    1- Teenagers can communicate with each other even the distance, it is, they can talk and interact with they friends and family.
    2- They can pass time more easily, for exemple, in the public transport, or on other moment they can been in the social media and just “pass the time”.

  2. Pro- with social media we learn new things with influencers, for example, we have fun doing new things and when we are bored it is a way to get distracted.
    Con- people can make fake news very easily and some are difficult to know if they are true or false.

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