Food, Health and Being part of a Community

A. Read carefully the articles below on unhealthy food and do the listening exercises. 

What is Junk Food?

Why is Junk Food bad for your Health?

Unhealthy Foods

Listening Comprehension:

Food and Fitness

Daily Diet

Fast Food

B. Follow these guidelines and write a text (100/120 words at least). Add a post to your blog and publish your text there. Add a gallery of photos (your own or with proper attribution), a link to an interesting site … You can also add a video.


Introduce the topic of your text. Say if you have healthy or unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle (don’t give details). Say if food plays a big role in your life or not, if you worry about your health and are careful about diet and way of life. 


  1. Give details about your EATING HABITS, your DAILY DIET, if you often eat JUNK FOOD.Say if you have weight problems and what you do to solve/prevent that.
  2. Refer to what you do to KEEP FIT (exercise, sports …). If you are a member of a sports team or you do some sports on a regular basis, you are part of a sports community. Mention the pros and cons of being part of a team/a sporting group, the responsibilities, the joy and frustration, the skills you develop (team spirit, learn to lose, leadership qualities …).
  3. Give details about your LIFESTYLE. Are you an active, sporty person or are you a couch potato? Do you spend much time watching TV, playing games, surfing the Internet? Are you aware of the consequences?
  4. Refer to your INTERESTS and FREE TIME ACTIVITIES. Are you a member of an online network such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? Why? What are the pros and cons of using these social media? Are you part of a gaming network (e.g. Minecraft)? Why? Did you join any other online group or community (a fans club …)? Are you a member of a Scouts group, a music or dance group, a school club or any other after-school activity? What do you learn, what are the benefits?


Write about the importance of having a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Sum up what we should all do to stay in shape and healthy.

Refer to what it means to be part of a community or group, its advantages, benefits, how it adds up to your life and helps you be happy.


tomato smoothieCreative Commons License James Loew via Compfight



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