1 thought on “Our Work, Our Life

  1. The decumentary that I liked the most was Billie Eilish because I like her songs and specifically her voice because I am impressed how she can sing with a calm voice and can make the music very agitated; Another thing that makes me like Billie a lot is that, at just 17 years old, she already thinks like adult people, for example, in the way she dresses, she says she dresses in baggy clothes so that people don’t notice or appreciate her body but your voice.
    when i saw this documentary i thought that great talent in a person with only 17 years old and with a brilliant career at this age all students who wish to finish a school to have a minimum job, in billie’s case it was not what she wanted because she never discredited in its potential and that is why at 17 years old it is a great inspiration for many teenagers and it is the example that the school may not be what will give us a great future.
    The questions i would ask billie is what is it like to be an inspiration for so much geite and who would she like to record an album with.

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