Home Sweet Home

1.Watch these videos and learn how to talk about your house.






 2. Let’s learn adjectives to describe places (a house or a room):


SPACIOUS                                        LOVELY

AIRY                                                 BADLY LIT

CRAMPED                                        DAMP

CLUTTERED                                    CHEERFUL

COSY                                                 TIDY/UNTIDY

BRIGHT                                             MESSY


LARGE (grande, vasto)                    COLOURFUL

TINY (minúsculo)                              PLEASANT (agradável)

NARROW (estreito)                          UNPLEASANT

COMFORTABLE                            QUIET/PEACEFUL (sossegado/

                                                            pouco movimentado)

UNCOMFORTABLE                        NOISY (barulhento)

COLD / WARM                                 BUSY (com muito movimento)

DARK                                                BORING (aborrecido)


3. You have to look up the words in green in the online dictionary WORD HIPPO.


a. For each word write down in your notebook:


1 synonym (What’s the other word for …)


1 opposite (What’s the opposite of …)


Portuguese translation (Translate)


b. Learn how to pronounce the word (PRONOUNCE WORDS).


c. Answer this QUIZ.


Take Our Quiz!


4. Now write about your HOUSE :


         a. Give general information (ex. I live in a flat/detached house in a quiet/busy neighbourhood …)


          b. Refer to what you enjoy/ don’t enjoy doing when you’re at home and what you do with your family.


         c. Write about your favourite room ( general description, furniture, why you like it, what you do there)


Before you start writing have a look at the texts on pages 70 and 72 in iTeen 7.  Think before you start writing, write on paper first, correct your text and then post it on the blog. Organize your text and be careful with GRAMMAR AND SPELLING!















9 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. 2.
    SPACIOUS = espasoso LOVELY= encantador
    AIRY= arejado BADLY LIT= mal iluminado
    CRAMPED = díficil DAMP= desânimo
    CLUTTERED =desordenado CHEERFUL=alegre
    COSY= aconchegante TIDY=cuidadoso
    BRIGHT= resplandecente UNTIDY= descuidado
    ROOMY= amplo MESSY= bagunçado

    a. I live in a building and this neighborhood is very quiet.
    b.I like what I do at home, I have fun with my family and I watch TV and I also stay on the computer.
    c.I like my bedroom more. My room has a wardrobe also a desk with a lamp. And it has two beds.

  2. 2.SPACIOUS= espaçoso LOVELY=encantador
    AIRY= arejado BADLY LIT=mal iluminado
    CRAMPED=dificil DAMP=desanimado
    CLUTTERED=desordenado CHEERFUL=alegre
    COSY=acnchegante TIDY/UNTIDY=descuidado
    BRIGHT=replandescende MESSY=bagunçado

    a) I live in Alhandra on a farm, in a cozy, warm and spacious house.
    b) I like to watch TV but not to see the news because there is always more news. I also like to talk to my family in the living room.
    c) I really like being in my room.
    My room has two beds, brown furniture, chairs, a bedside table, a drawer, a coat stand, several pictures, a tv, two lamps one on the ceiling and another one with a foot, two wardrobes.

  3. Hi!
    I live in a detached house ,my favorite room is the bedroom.I like watching TV and playing on my tablet.
    My favorite part of the room is the bed and my couch.
    My room does not have a tv but there’s a bedside table.
    My couch is pink.

  4. I live in a detached house in a quiet neighbourhood.
    When I’m at home, I enjoy playing in the computer or watch TV. With my family, I play some board games and I watch TV too with them.
    My favourite room is my study because I play with my brothers in the computer or have a nice time just playing with no technologies.
    I have a sofa, two bookcases, where my family keeps books and toys, a lot of chairs and a desk. On the desk I have two computers, where I play, a calendar, a lamp and I keep there my flute too.
    Actually, I am in my study right now!

  5. I live in a detached house in a quiet village.
    At home I like to talk, watch TV and play games with my family.
    My favourite room is my bedroom.
    I share my bedroom with my sister.
    There are two beds and two bedside tables.
    On the left of my sister´s bed there is a chest of drawers. There are perfumes, necklaces, bracelets and earrings on our chest of drawers.
    On the right of my bed there are two small bookcases. There are books and CDs in the bookcases.

  6. Hello!
    I live in a flat in a quiet neighbourhood.
    My favourite room is the living room.
    In my living room there are two sofas, a carpet, two lamps, a bookshelf, five speakers, two TVs, a table, four chairs, two pillows, a desk, two heaters and my playstation4.
    In the living room I like playing Playstation, computer and watching TV.
    When I stay home with my family, we usually watch TV.
    When I stay home with my family, I don´t always like doing the same thing.

  7. Hi!
    I live in a detached house in a quiet neighbourhood with my parents and my sisters.My house has three floors, a garden and a garage.
    When I am with my family,I like to watch TV, go shopping and play playstation but I don’t like doing my homework with my parents.
    My favourite room is the attic. There is a television, a playstation, a computer,a sofa and a pouf. what I do in the attic is play playstation, watch TV, play computer, listen to music and rest.

  8. Hello!
    I live in an apartment block in a quiet neighbourhod.
    I enjoy playing computer, watching TV, and talking with my family.
    My favourite room is my bedroom because I do my favourite things there. There I have a bed, a wardrobe, a TV, a chair, two bedside tables, two lamps and the walls are light blue.

  9. Hi!
    I live in an apartment block in a quiet neighbourhood!
    I enjoy watching TV, playing tablet or reading a book in my living room and playing computer games in my bedroom.
    My favourite room is the living room with two sofas, a carpet, a stereo, a lamp and a TV set.
    I like watching TV and playing on my tablet.
    I like this room because I go there when I want to have fun.

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