Christmas around the World

Let’s learn about Christmas around the world.

Read the texts and do the exercises.

Typical Christmas in London


Typical Christmas in Australia


  1. Make a list of customs/traditions concerning Christmas celebration in Portugal.
  2.  Use Adobe Spark Video or Webpage and create a nice presentation on Christmas traditions in Portugal (group work):

 Introduction: How important is the celebration of Christmas in Portugal?

 Development: Christmas traditions in Portugal (decorations, food, habits/customs on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, presents …)

  Conclusion: Ask questions about Christmas in other countries.

 3. Add another post about your Christmas (individual work).


What do you like most about Christmas?

 What do you dislike most about Christmas?


How did you and your family celebrate Christmas?

What did you do on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day? 

What was the best day of your last Christmas holidays? What happened? What did you do? What was so great about it?

What three words do you associate with Christmas? Explain why.

Choose the 5 words that best characterize the past year? Explain why.


What are your hopes and expectations for 2017 (personal and for the world)?

Add a gallery of photos (your own or from PIXABAY or PHOTOS FOR CLASS).











Food and Health

1.Look at this ad and think carefully about it. What’s the main message? Write your thoughts in the comment area.


2. Watch this video and answer the questions.

3. Now watch this video The Science of Addictive Food. Click on SUBTITLES. Before watching the video have a look at the survey you’ll have to take afterwards.

4. Read the following article.

What are the main characteristics of junk food? 

What are the dangers of eating fast food?

All about ME!


Each one of you is a unique special person!


1.TASK: Write a text with the title ALL ABOUT ME on your blog.


2. TASK: Create a visual presentation about you using PREZI: TWENTY THINGS ABOUT ME!

Don’t forget to mention:



favourite activities

what/who is important to you

what makes you happy, sad, angry …


what kind of person you are (your personality)




You can use your own pictures or from PIXABAY as well as PHOTOS FOR CLASS, add audio files, videos …

Have a look at these resources that will show you how to talk about yourself.


Watch this video LIVE FROM LONDON: Talking about PREFERENCES.


Listen to this recording and remember how to talk about people’s personality (Onestopenglish).



It’s my turn now! Would you like to learn a bit more about your English teacher? Well, here I am!!!



Plans for the Future



Now that you’re about to start a new school year, you have to believe that you can accomplish GREAT achievements and be SUCCESSFUL!!!

Have a look at these resources and learn to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!


1.TASK: Write a text on My Plans for next Year on your blog. 

                      What are you going to do? What would you like to achieve?

                   What do you want to learn?

                   What are you interested in?

                   What fills your heart, your mind, your life? 

2. TASKCHOOSE an inspiring, thought-provoking picture and USE THINGLINK to show the world what is important to you and what you intend to achieve next year.

Write sentences. Choose one or two inspiring videos, add links to interesting sites.

Watch this tutorial on THINGLINK.