1. Have a look at this site and choose ONE famous person: a Civil Rights Hero, an Explorer, a Scientist, an Inventor or an Artist. Biographies for Kids
  2. Read his/her biography carefully. Answer the QUIZ below.
  3. Try to find another source of information: a site or a video. Biographies
  4. Then fill in the table with the information needed.
  5. Write a short biography on this Padlet. Don’t forget to use SIMPLE PAST. WRITE IN YOUR OWN WORDS!!!!!!

Made with Padlet
  6. Now use the tool MySimpleShow to present your biography. Watch the tutorial, SIGN UP for free and start making your video.

Home in Different Countries

1.Watch this video on bedrooms of children around the world.

2.Now take your time and look at the photos Bedrooms of Children around the World. CHOOSE ONE bedroom that is similar to your own bedroom and CHOOSE ONE that is very different. Explain the differences in the Comment area below.

3. Now let’s take a fascinating tour to see how people live around the world! Have a close look at this great diversity of different homes and ways of life.

4. Have a look at these photos of 12 different shelters around the world and 10 traditional homes around the world. Which home has impressed you as being completely different from your own? Explain why in the COMMENT AREA below.

5. Now it’s time to do some research on unusual homes IGLOOS and STILT HOUSES. Who builds them? Where can we find them? Why do people build igloos and stilt houses?

Home sweet Home

History of the Igloos for Kids

Homes on Stilts

Family and Feelings

To warm up let’s watch Family Guy meets The Simpsons, two of the most famous families on Earth!


1. You’re going to read the short story Scarlett. Before you get to know the real Scarlett, let’s be creative and imagine her profile and her life. Who is she? What is she like?



2. Now read and listen to the short story Scarlett by Chris Rose. 

3.Do all the interactive exercises.

4. Answer these questions in your notebook.

Scarlett – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

5. Do these interactive LISTENING EXERCISES.

Family Traits

Who do you resemble in your family?

Family Routine

Is your family common or unique?

6. Now read the short story Finding Freedom.



7. Answer this survey on the story.



8. Have a look at these questions now. Answer all the questions in the COMMENT AREA below (FIRST NAME ONLY).



9. How can you talk about your feelings in English? Here are some tips to help you!


10. Now it’s your turn. Create a SWAY presentation or an ADOBE SPARK video. Give general information about you (first name, age, hobbies, likes, interests, dislikes, physical description, personality, family, special facts about you …). Don’t forget to answer the questions above about your feelings (When do you feel free? What makes you happy?What makes you sad/angry?). Give your resource a title ( e.g. ALL ABOUT ME or SOME FACTS ABOUT ME or any other original title).

Have a look at this tutorial on how to create an ADOBE SPARK video.


Check out this video on my summer holidays made with ADOBE SPARK.

Here’s  a tutorial on SWAY.

If you know how to use other interesting tools such as POWTOON or PREZI feel free to do so! You can choose the tool you would like to use!


Read this lovely story a teenager like you wrote about a special day.

Read another story about Last Summer.

What about Best Friends?


Now you have to write your own story about A SPECIAL DAY, THE BEST SUMMER EVER, LAST SUMMER, NEXT SUMMER or MY FRIENDS. You can choose.

You’re going to use STORYBIRD. Use your username and password.

Don’t forget to use SIMPLE PAST if you’re talking about the past! Your story must have at least 12 pages. Write an interesting and creative story.

Before you start writing watch this short tutorial about how Storybird works!

Easter Rocks!

Let’s practise Simple Past and how to talk about the PAST. Have a look at the resources available via this picture.


                                      SPRING HOLIDAYS

Now answer these questions. DON’T FORGET TO USE SIMPLE PAST when you’re talking or writing about the PAST!


What did you do during your Easter holidays?

What did you like and didn’t like about your holidays?

What was the best day of your holidays? What happened? Explain why.

It’s SPRINGTIME! What’s your favourite season? Winter, spring, summer or autumn? Explain why.


Then ask ONE of your classmates FOUR questions about his/her holidays.