Write the very best post you can for your visitors to read.

Remember essentials for a great post:

  1. catchy title
  2. includes at least one visual (with attribution) whether photo, cartoon, video or another web 2.0 tool like Voki or Adobe Spark, Movie Maker
  3. interesting topic with the passion of the author coming through
  4. well written and not copy/pasted from somewhere else
  5. shows it has been proofread and spellchecked
  6. written in paragraphs – at least three of them (100/120 words)
  7. includes links to other websites on similar topics – at least one
  8. ends with a question to lure your visitors into leaving a comment

Your choice of topics:

            Autobiography – introduce us to who you are. Share your hobbies, favourite activities, interests, preferences, your personality, what makes you happy, sad, angry, your strengths and weaknesses, your family background, what and who is important to you  and anything else you want others to know about the real you.


A to Z: About Me

About Me

About Thanumi

What is Sidd good at?

          10 ( 15 or 20) Facts about you

10 Things about Sydney

           What are you proud of?

I’m proud of being a Thai

         Music (favourite singers, musicians, bands, types of music)

Antonio Vivaldi, My Favourite Composer

         Favourite person ( a special friend, family member, your personal hero, a celebrity)

My Hero – Nelson Mandela

         Favourite Pets

Most Popular Pets People like to have

        Favourite Places around the World

Where I’d like to go for a month

         Favourite Time of the Year/ Favourite Season



        Travel – where you would like to go and why, where you have been, future travel, what to take when travelling, planning a trip etc


        Time travelling – if you could travel in time what period would you visit and why



P1110459 dervish via Compfight

Food, Health and Being part of a Community

A. Read carefully the articles below on unhealthy food and do the listening exercises. 

What is Junk Food?

Why is Junk Food bad for your Health?

Unhealthy Foods

Listening Comprehension:

Food and Fitness

Daily Diet

Fast Food

B. Follow these guidelines and write a text (100/120 words at least). Add a post to your blog and publish your text there. Add a gallery of photos (your own or with proper attribution), a link to an interesting site … You can also add a video.


Introduce the topic of your text. Say if you have healthy or unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle (don’t give details). Say if food plays a big role in your life or not, if you worry about your health and are careful about diet and way of life. 


  1. Give details about your EATING HABITS, your DAILY DIET, if you often eat JUNK FOOD.Say if you have weight problems and what you do to solve/prevent that.
  2. Refer to what you do to KEEP FIT (exercise, sports …). If you are a member of a sports team or you do some sports on a regular basis, you are part of a sports community. Mention the pros and cons of being part of a team/a sporting group, the responsibilities, the joy and frustration, the skills you develop (team spirit, learn to lose, leadership qualities …).
  3. Give details about your LIFESTYLE. Are you an active, sporty person or are you a couch potato? Do you spend much time watching TV, playing games, surfing the Internet? Are you aware of the consequences?
  4. Refer to your INTERESTS and FREE TIME ACTIVITIES. Are you a member of an online network such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? Why? What are the pros and cons of using these social media? Are you part of a gaming network (e.g. Minecraft)? Why? Did you join any other online group or community (a fans club …)? Are you a member of a Scouts group, a music or dance group, a school club or any other after-school activity? What do you learn, what are the benefits?


Write about the importance of having a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Sum up what we should all do to stay in shape and healthy.

Refer to what it means to be part of a community or group, its advantages, benefits, how it adds up to your life and helps you be happy.


tomato smoothieCreative Commons License James Loew via Compfight



Student Blogging Challenge – Time to Visit

It’s time to really start visiting other blogs on a regular basis and leave QUALITY COMMENTS. You’ll be asked to explore the FLIPBOARD MAGAZINE that displays some of the best posts on students’ blogs. You’ll find some of your posts there. So here are the tasks for this week:

  1. Click on the flipboard magazine link here
  2. Click on the title of the post of what looks like an interesting image or a catchy title.
  3. You should now be taken to the actual blog post, read it and leave a comment.
  4. Don’t forget to ask some questions at the end (about the post, the person who wrote it or the culture, country …).
  5. Come back to the magazine again and repeat two more times.
  6. Don’t forget to leave the URL address of your own blog.

Write a blog post mentioning the 3 blog posts you’ve read. Say why you’ve chosen them, why you liked them and ADD the comment you left. Your post should have the title Time to Visit – My Comments.

Don’t forget to add the LINK to the post you’ve read and your comment on it.

Get to it – start visiting and leaving quality comments that show you have really read the post!


Time to Visit – My Comments

Our Class Blog got a very nice comment from a boy from Canada, Daniel. He took the time to explore the Home Page. He watched the Prezi on facts about me, and the video on our school and took the survey with questions on SPGomes. So I visited his blog and found a lovely post he wrote about his home. I loved reading his post and so left the following comment:

Hi Daniel!

Thanks for visiting our class blog! You left a very nice comment. Your home seems very nice. I’m sure you’re very happy there. I agree with you. Home is where we feel safe and can be with those we love. To relax I love reading and listening to audio books. Unfortunately I don’t have a pool. It must be great to be in the pool and look at the stars!
What subjects do you have and what sports do you play at school? What do Canadian teenagers do in their free time?
When you visit our class blog again, have a look at the sidebar where you’ll find the list of my students’ blogs. You can ask them questions about Portugal and they will access your blog and ask you questions about you and your country. This is such a great opportunity to learn more about other countries, other cultures and make blogging friends all over the world!
Maria João Carvalho, Portugal

South Africa and Portugal

Blogging allows you to travel around the world, interact with other people, other cultures. 

1.Let’s visit Eugene Brown’s blog from South Africa and learn more about that country. 

2. Answer this survey on Eugene’s post.




Write a post that shares some of your favourite places in your country. 

In your post, include information that people from other countries might not know.  What is there to see and to do? Why is it a special place? Try to write at least three paragraphs.

Add a gallery with your own photos or from PHOTOS FOR CLASS. You can use ADOBE SPARK and make a video with your photos.


Write a post on some fun facts about your country.

In your post, include links to where you researched and a gallery of photos.

Activity 2:

Visit at least 3 blogs from countries other than your own. Look for the students’ blogs. Leave a comment on a post at each blog to ask them questions about their country. Don’t forget to leave the URL address of your blog!

Mr. Grieve’s Class Blog, New Zealand

Mrs. Kriese’s Class Blog, USA

Mrs. Jan Smith’s Class Blog, Canada

Mrs. Flannery’s Class Blog, Australia

4Below leave a comment saying which blogs you have visited.

Example: Today I left comments on Chase’s Blog from Mrs. Kriese’s Class Blog and on Arielle’s Blog from Mrs. Jan Smith’s Class Blog.

What are my favourite places in Portugal? Let’s find out!

Portugal – Some of my Favourite Places to Visit




Porto, in the North of Portugal, is one of my favourite cities. It’s a soulful romantic city spreading along the banks of the river Douro. The golden shimmer of the river and the dark melancholic tinge of the old buildings in the higgledy-piggledy city centre are part of its undeniable charm.

From the sky-high miradouros (lookouts) we can lay eyes on a turmoil of tumbledown rooftops, churches, bell towers and beautiful old buildings. Once in a while you can catch a glimpse of the famous Portuguese azulejos (hand painted tiles) decorating local architecture.

Down below, there’s the constant presence of the river and the lively food markets and alleys weaving along the famous Ribeira. Here you can watch the sunset while savouring an aged tawny port and tasting the best Portuguese cuisine. On the other side of the river, in Vila Nova de Gaia,  you can visit the most famous Port wine cellars, learn about its production and … (the best part!) you can taste its different varieties. 

The charismatic locals, the tripeiros,  are friendly and warm-hearted and well-known for the frequent use of colourful curses mingled with their everyday language.

If you ever come to Portugal, don’t forget to visit this wonderful city. You won’t regret it!

This gallery was made with photos I took in December 2014.


Sintra is a picturesque town set among the hills of Serra de Sintra, not very far away from Lisbon, our capital city. It’s one of the most charming and loveliest places I’ve ever seen. It’s full of exquisite palaces, historic buildings, gorgeous gardens and parks. The whole place embodies the Romantic ideal.The scenery is amazing and the lush green natural sights will rest your mind and feed your soul.

In 1995 UNESCO decided to inscribe the Cultural Landscape of Sintra on the World Heritage list.

While strolling through Sintra you’ll find several magical places like Quinta da Regaleira. It’s a spiritual place, an exotic park with palace-like buildings, winding lanes, turrets with breath-taking views, strange recesses, beautiful lakes. Throughout the park you’ll find amazing details, references to the ideals and initiation rituals of the Masons, to the Portuguese mythological and esoteric traditions.

I’m not a photo person. I have to force myself to take photos. So while writing this post I realized that when I go to Sintra I don’t feel the need to take photos. I couldn’t find any. The way I feel the place can’t be captured in images. Fortunately PHOTOS FOR CLASS provided me with excellent photos. CLICK on the galleries of photos so that you can fully appreciate each photo with attribution.

If you’re curious about these places and/or about Portugal, leave some questions below. We will gladly answer them!

Writing Quality Comments

Now that you know how to make quality comments let’s travel around the world and visit other blogs.

  1. Visit the blogs of the students who left comments on your posts. Comment on one or two posts, end with one or two questions and leave the URL address of your blog.

  2. Each week you’ll have to visit at least 2 or 3 blogs, choose an interesting post and leave a meaningful comment. Don’t forget to leave the URL address of your blog! To do that you have to use the following HTML code:

<a href=”LINK”>TITLE</a>


<a href=””>My Blog</a>


Here are the class blogs you HAVE TO VISIT:

Mr. Grieve’s Class Blog from New Zealand

Mrs. Kriese’s Class Blog from the USA

Mrs. Jan Smith’s Class Blog from Canada

Look for the students’ blogs and comment on their posts. LEAVE SOME QUESTIONS ABOUT THEIR SCHOOL, INTERESTS, HOMETOWN, COUNTRY …

      3. Below leave a comment saying which blogs you have visited. Example: Today I left comments on Chase’s Blog from Mrs. Kriese’s Class Blog and on Arielle’s Blog from Mrs. Jan Smith’s Class Blog.



BLUE Piyushgiri Revagar via Compfight

Using Images, Music, Videos and Sound Effects

Let’s learn how to use IMAGES, SOUND, MUSIC and VIDEOS on blogs.

Have a look at the information here on HOW TO BE A RESPONSIBLE DIGITAL CITIZEN.

Here are the tasks for this week.

A.Add a post to your blog with the title Holidays: Time of Freedom. Write about:

  1. the most memorable moment/event of your summer holidays (give reasons)
  2. the worst day (explain why)
  3. the people you met last summer
  4. the people you spent most time with
  5. what you did together
  6. what you would like to do in summer in the future (be imaginative)

Be CREATIVE and write an INTERESTING text!


B. Add a gallery of photos to your text. Use your own photos or upload photos from PHOTOS FOR CLASS.


  1. Click on ADD MEDIA.
  2. UPLOAD files (your photos or photos from PHOTOS FOR CLASS).
  3. Click on MEDIA LIBRARY (you should see the photos you’ve uploaded).
  4. Click on CREATE GALLERY.
  5. Click on the photos you want to select them.
  7. Choose SIZE (MEDIUM or LARGE).
  8. Choose STYLE.
  9. Click on INSERT INTO POST.



C. 1.Now look at this photo from COMPFIGHT and listen to this sound effect. 

 Ajar. Pete via Compfight

Free sound effect from FREE SOUND EFFECTS.COM


The door opened and there it was…


2. Continue and write a short story (80/100 words)

  • What is ‘IT’?

  • Where was the door?

  • What are you doing there?

  • What happened next?