Take/Choose some inspiring photos and use them as a prompt for a story. The plot must take place in Lisbon. You must write at least 200 words.

Work in groups and use SWAY to present your photo story. You’ll find great copyright-free photos on Sway, PIXABAY and PHOTOS FOR CLASS. To collaborate online click on AUTHORS and then share the link with your classmate.


Have a look at this SWAY presentation.


Mafalda and Inês

Gisela and Margarida

Isabella, Inês and Ana Raquel

Ruben, Ana and Margarida

Tatiana, Camila and Sarah

Ana Sofia and Érica

Rafael, Ricardo and João


Read this lovely story a teenager like you wrote about a special day.

Read another story about Last Summer.

What about Best Friends?


Now you have to write your own story about A SPECIAL DAY, THE BEST SUMMER EVER, LAST SUMMER, NEXT SUMMER or MY FRIENDS. You can choose.

You’re going to use STORYBIRD. Use your username and password.

Don’t forget to use SIMPLE PAST if you’re talking about the past! Your story must have at least 12 pages. Write an interesting and creative story.

Before you start writing watch this short tutorial about how Storybird works!